The Quilting Diva is able to quilt fabric/tops up to 120 inches wide.

Charges for quilting services are based on the square inch.  To find the number of square
inches in your quilt top, measure the length and width and multiply these two numbers.  The
resulting number will be the number of square inches in your quilt.  (length x width = square

See QUILT  PREPARATION page for instructions on preparing your quilt and the quilt backing.

The Quilting Diva is a home based business that offers many types of quilting from basting your
quilt to heirloom finishes.  Because all quilts are unique and special each quilt is given special
attention and designs that it deserves.  I use the finest of equipment, the APQS Millenium
combined with  Compuquilter aided designs.  This makes for the perfect combination of
creativity and perfection.

I do understand the time, energy, and love that you have put into your quilt and it is my goal to
enhance your piecing and accomplish your vision of your finished quilt.  

I also offer commissioned quilts from T-Shirt and baby quilts to Wedding and Memory quilts.  For
information on these quilts please contact me.

Contact Information:

                                  E-mail:  texasboxerlover@gmail.com
                                  Blog:     www.karenthequilter.com
                                  Cell:      832-693-2512

MINIMUM CHARGE:                                     $40.00 for a piece less than 1450 square inches

EDGE TO EDGE QUILTING:                          Quilting designs from side to side and top to bottom
                                                                                     •        Simple                $.015 per square inch
                                                                                     •        Moderate           $.02 per square inch
                                                                                     •        Complex             $.03 and up per square inch

WITH SEPARATE BORDER(S)                     Multiple designs will be used, one for the overall center of the quilt and additional designs for
            each additional border.
                                                                                     •        $20 charge per border in addition to the basic edge to edge quilting charge     

CUSTOM QUILTING                                    This would include a light to medium arrangement of
                                                                                    •        $.025-.035 per square inch  

HEIRLOOM/SHOW QUILTING                   This would include ruler work and background fill appropriate to the desired outcome of the quilting.
                                                                                     •        $.04 and up depending upon density

BATTING                                                    Hobbs 80/20 Heirloom Blend              $7 - $10.25 per running yard dependent on width
              Hobbs Cotton                                        $11.00 per running yard
        Hobbs Poly                                            $7.00 per running  yard
                                                                  Hobbs Wool or Silk                              please inquire

BINDING (complete)                                $.30 per linear inch (Add the measurements for all four sides and multiply by .30)
                                                                 Customer will provide the fabric for the binding.  Binding will be prepared and applied to  the
top,  hand  stitched .
                                     Extra time will be required to complete the work.

BINDING (Applied Only)                           $.15 per linear inch
                                                                  Customer will provide the fabric for the binding.  Binding will be prepared and applied to the top only.  C

                                                                                               Customer will need to complete the hand work.

THREAD                                                     Thread charge is dependent upon the amount and type o thread used.  In genera., thread runs between
                                                                   $3.00 and $6.00 per quilt per color.  That will vary with the density of the quilting as well as the type o thread
                                                                  used.  I cannot use regular sewing thread for your quilting.  If you send an inappropriate thread I will match it as
                                                                  closely as possible in weight and color.

REMOUNT                                                  Placing a continuous border design on all 4 sides of your quilt requires taking a quilt off of the frame and

                                                                  reloading it on the frame for placement of the designs in a different direction.

                                                                                    •        Crib  $5            Twin  $8    Full  $12    Queen  $16      King  $20

PRESSING                                                   $10 - $30 per top, dependent on condition.  Please deliver your top pressed in order to avoid this charge.

BACK PREPARATION                               
   $10 per seam required.  Please deliver your backing sewn and squared in order to avoid this charge.

                                                                     PLEASE SEE QUILT PREPARATION PAGE FOR INSTRUCTIONS